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I think this shot is at School St. where the Milwaukee Road crossed the street. I have a shot of this signal but from the distance and looking south down the track remnants. A building was already in place across the ROW at the time of my 1984 shot on the south side of School. Your view appears to look west down School.
Going under the Ravenswood (brown line) EL , Milw Rd. ROW looking northeast under CTA bridge.
Spur line into former Milwaukee Road offices looking south from Altgeld. This office building was used by the Milwaukee Road as late as 1970 according to the engineering drawings from that era. Spur crossed south across Altgeld from a switch by the current runaround track. The track is STILL there in Altgeld believe it or not.
Looking south from Webster. The spur on the left went into a building on Willow St. just north of Clybourn. I have a picture of it. There was a tire dump on the left where the condos now are.
Looking north from just south of Fullerton Avenue. The Lakeshore Athletic Club is in the background, a convenience store in the foreground.
Looking south from Fullerton. Spur was part of a yard before it was torn out and built over.
South Looking north at Altgeld toward runaround track. Planks in place due to roughness of the switch. The spur to the Milwaukee Road office building used to veer off from these tracks before the area was paved as shown in the picture.
Looking north from Fletcher on Lakewood towards Belmont. The industry on the left is Lakewood Scrap Iron and Metals. The brick building is gone, but the smaller buildings are still there and currently receive scrap metal a pickup truck or shopping cart at a time. There used to be a spur that forked into two tracks to serve this industry. A former brakeman said it was a very close squeeze getting gondolas in and out.
Looking south from Wrightwood towards runaround track with Altgeld in the background. There was a battery box as recently as 1985 on the right with a signal for this crossing.