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Small Changes for 2018

After all these years, we're still at work on Chicago Switching! We've been working on cleaning up code and making sure all the articles display properly. Bear with us as we make improvements.

New Server, New Website

Our old website was based on an older technology, so we are transitioning to a new website platform and new server. Over the next few weeks, the look and feel will change and the website will occasionally be down for development.

Arthur Gerber Website

Drop by Tom Burke's excellent site on famed Chicago transit architect Arthur Gerber.

MRHA's The Milwaukee Road in Chicago book now available

The Milwaukee Road Historical Association is now selling a book covering the Milwaukee's operations in Chicago. ChicagoSwitching's Tom Burke is the lead author.

New Version

Version 5 of the Chicago Switching site is now live. In this version, we've integrated our photos with Google Maps. Beneath the article title is a link to view all of the photos in the article on a map, and below each photo is a [map] link that plots the individual photo onto a map. The Interactive Map page now displays all of our photos organized by location.