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This photo shows the old C&E station at roughly Montrose Avenue, with Graceland Cemetery in the background. This is the Buena Yard where the Milwaukee Road and the Chicago Rapid Transit interchanged freight cars. Today the Buena Yard and the interchange tracks are replaced by Challenger Park, a linear park starting at Grace and going up towards almost Irving Park Road. The park is named after the former Challenger space shuttle.
Looking south on Lakewood from roughly Wellington toward Acme Continental Foods in the center, by the red pickup truck.
Looking NW on Lakewood at Wellington. Tavern on the left with white siding is still there. The cutoff spur on the right once led to Acme Continental Foods and George St. Packing.
Looking north on Lakewood towards Diversey. Old (leading) spur to former Hostess Bakery plant veers to left. Torn down in early 1980s. Peerless (tailing) spur veers off on the right. Must have required some fancy switching to handle both types of spurs on a single track line (former SB main when it was double-tracked).