NJI&I's Yard

Former New Jersey, Indiana, & Illinois Railroad (NJI&I) roundhouse just west of Olive Street on South Bend’s southwest side. The NJI&I was originally owned and operated by the Singer Corporation and it was later sold to the Wabash. Nowadays what is left of the NJI&I is operated by NS.
Equipment used during transload of coal off the NS (NJI&I) from hoppers to trucks to service the University of Notre Dame’s power plant. ND was once serviced directly by Conrail (ex-PC, NYC) but when NS took over Conrail it embargoed service over the 3.2 mile line to ND and forced ND to use trucks. ND since then moved mainly to natural gas for its power plant so it is unclear how much use this transload operation still sees.
Coal piles from the transload operation, moving coal from rail to truck for Notre Dame.