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C&E South Line Reopens

The Chicago Terminal Railroad tonight, February 12, 2007, opened up the stretch of the C&E South Line from the cutoff at the Goose Island lead all the way down to where the tracks end near Halsted St.

The railroad's SW-8 by itself made its way down these tracks which had not seen a train since the late 1990s. The last time I recorded any action on this section was in 1998 when a boxcar was spotted at Midwest Zinc on Kingsbury two blocks south of North Avenue. Midwest Zinc is now a vacant lot.

The locomotive pushed asphalt out of the flangeways and off the rails where the city had paved over the track, leaving pieces of broken pavement in its wake.

Finally, the crew made a second run back with a gondola which they placed on Kingsbury St.

Hopefully the new shortline will be able to attract new rail shippers to this section of the line.

Peerless Ceases Operations

As reported in our forum, Peerless will shut it's doors in April.

Like Chicago Railroad Ops?

Check out the Shortlines of Chicago Historical Society, a group that is preserving historical information about industrial and shortline railroads in the Chicago metropolitan area. The organization publishes a quarterly ~tmann1_cs_com_newsletter.

Finkl Steel Moving

As reported in Crain's Chicago Business, Finkl Steel has been sold and will shut down their plant at Cortland and the river where they have operated since 1902. This event will mark the end of operations on the Deerline Line.

Chicago Terminal Railroad

A new shortline, the Chicago Terminal Railroad, is set to take over operations from CP Rail on the former Milwaukee Road lines later this month. Chicago Terminal Railroad is part of the Chicago-based Iowa Eastern holding company which operates other shortlines.