Classic CNW GP7

Since I commute to work on Chicago's Metra NW line, I occasionally see a few CNW locomotives at the downtown terminal. One lucky day, I had my camera along and got off my usual train to see this lovely sight on the adjoining track.
Nearly 50 years old, this GP7 #4190 is still used as a "yard goat", hauling the Metra locomotive (behind) and passenger cars to the coach yard until the evening rush hour.
Most of the familiar green and yellow Chicago and Northwestern locomotives have been scrapped, sold, or repainted since the merger with UP. That makes these photos very special, capturing a sight that will soon disappear forever.
There are several GP7s used around the terminal, but most are modified versions with a lowered front nose. #4190 retains the classic high nose look. The paint job and engine look factory new!
This profile view shows the cab and the side vents that distinguish the GP7 from the GP9. In fact, if you look to the lower right of the CNW logo, "GP7" is lettered right on the cab.
The rear view of #4190 captures the soft glow of the headlights and number boards and the flash's reflection off the safety stripes on the sides and steps. Note the slightly crooked handrail stanchions; I guess my HO model is prototypical after all! :-)