The Hassles of Operating on City Streets

Appropriately, a former Milwaukee Road boxcar sits outside Naz-Dar ( on Cherry St. on Goose Island. According to the manifast on the side of the car it contains paper. This view dates from December 27, 2003.
On a cold New Years Eve 2003, a CP Rail M-P15 waits with the empty boxcar from Big Bay Lumber on the Goose Island lead at Kingsbury St. We'll see soon why it's stopped…
A close-up view of the front of the former Milwaukee Road MP-15 reveals its nickname-"Stormy"-as stenciled onto the side.
Here's the problem-an old Buick Regal is parked over the track despite signs warning drivers to not park there. Business Is booming on New Years Eve at Sam's Liquors across the street, leading to parking congestion. To the left is Kingsbury St.

There is no rail service on this section of Kingsbury past the Goose Island lead as the area rapidly converts to retail and residential use. Even a Starbucks coffee shop is now open at Kingsbury and North Ave. just a block or two down on the left-overlooking the old tracks in the street.

To the distant left in the picture is the former Peter Hand Brewery which closed in the early 1980s. It's been converted to other uses. The old Milwaukee Road line used to serve two other breweries at one time farther up the line, Birk Brothers near Clybourn and Best Brewing near Belmont. The Birk Brothers complex is long gone, while the Best Brewing site was converted to upscale apartments during the 1980s.

The owner of the Buick Regal seems nonchalant about holding up a train, as does his passenger. They seemed more concerned about their picture being taken.
Now that the car is being moved, the crew can prepare to move forward-but doesn't. Perhaps there is more congestion at General Metals further north on Kingsbury blocking the way.
The sign on the wall outside Sam's makes it clear that parking is not allowed on the railroad tracks around Kingsbury St. but it's generally ignored.