Switch Job!

Soo Line switch job crosses the Chicago River channel around Goose Island on an old bascule bridge, rumbling south towards Goose Island.
"Paul" rests on the railing of this MP15 still in Milwaukee Road colors as it heads south with cars in tow. To the upper left is the old Proctor & Gamble plant on North Avenue which at one time was served by both the C&NW and the Milw Rd. It was torn down soon after this picture and replaced by commercial development.
The train heads down Cherry St. on its way to Big Bay Lumber. The tank cars will be left at the runaround track just ahead for delivery later to National By-Products, using the track that veers off to the right in the photo.
Also dating to 2/29/88 is a closer view of the abandoned Milw Rd. freight office on Goose Island, to the right or west of the former yard.
This animal rendering plant used to receive a tank car or two from the Milw. Rd. via a very long spur which wound through the property of another industrial site. Recent arrivals to the converted office lofts would complain about the sight of animal parts being carried in by truck down North Branch St. to the plant. National By-Products was acquired by another firm ometime around 1990 and operations were shut down. As of 2002, this building, now renovated, still exists.