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Snowy Division Street Yard

  • Posted by tom burke
  • on 27 December 2003
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See some Boxcars lined up at Milwaukee Road's Division Street Yard. From February 1990.

On a cold February day in Chicago in 1990, the former Milwaukee Road Goose Island yard plays host to several boxcars in the Soo Line/CP Rail era. The second boxcar is still in Milwaukee Road colors and lettering, while a third boxcar is parked along the old Milwaukee Road freight house to the right (south). At one time this yard was a very busy place, wtth transfer runs from Bensenville bringing in new cars and retrieving outbound ones here. In a few more years, even this scene will be gone.

You can see the John Hancock Building thorugh the open doors of this boxcar on Goose Island from the gritty yard off Division Street.