Goose Island Walk

The first photo looks northwest towards bliss street. The Pickens-Kane storage building is on the right. Trackwork is still in good condition as a result of a 1991 street rebuilding project, but little hope is left as whether it will be used again as evidenced by the pole between the rails.
Looking southwest reveals a stop sign between the rails. By the looks of that concrete in the foreground, at some point in time a car hopped the tracks. That’s the old Montgomery Ward Warehouse and Headquarters buildings in the background, across the river from Goose Island.
We're looking south on Cherry Street to duplicate Otto P. Dobnick's lead photo that appeared in Tom Burke's 3rd Quarter 1995 The Milwaukee Railroader article, Milwaukee Road Knocking at Chicago's Back Door.
This is at the north end of Goose Island, looking south, just a few steps away from the bridge. Compare this photo with Tom Burke's taken in 1988 and 1992.