Goose Island Photos

This photo shows a gondola on a spur that came off Hooker Street south of Division Street. According to a 1971 Milwaukee Road engineering diagram the customer at this location was the Glendale Coal & Material Company though by 1980 the site may have changed hands and become a scrapyard. This view looks southeast toward the now gone Ogden Avenue overpass.
We’re looking southeast across the intersection of Haines and Hickory on the southern end of Goose Island. Ahead is another scrapyard though the 1971 Milwaukee Road engineering diagram shows that the Ozite Corporation was located there. Note the puzzle switch ahead which could go direct trains in multiple directions. The track to the right past the puzzle switch crossed North Branch and connected to the track that ran along North Branch. This track was valuable as another way back to the yard if freight cars were blocking the way back along parallel Hickory. The track in the foreground went into the former Wieboldt’s warehouse, now used by Pickens-Kane. Wiebold’s was a Chicago department store chain which went out of business in the late 1980s.
This view looks southeast toward the Division Street team tracks at Hickory just north of Division Street. The team tracks saw railroad cars dropped off here as late as 1996. By 2000 this area had been completely redeveloped and the tracks removed. A trace of the lead to the Division Street team track-and beyond it, the one-time track down Hickory Street, was still visible in the dirt just south of the Cherry Street bridge. Elsewhere on the Chicago Switching website you can see a train with covered hoppers and a truck engaged in a transload from 1996.