Chicago Terminal Railroad Opening Week

View from the SW-8 of the C&E South Line, no longer in use to the left and Chicago's skyline. The locomotive is turning onto the Goose Island lead in Kingsbury St.
Train is stopped, waiting for General Iron Industries to remove vehicles and debris blocking access to C&E Junction and the C&E Line.
Crew is working Finkl Steel. The newly repainted SW-8 is paused on the Deering Line in the middle of Kingsbury Street.
The Chicago Terminal group poses for a photo before heading out for the first day of operations. From left to right, the people are a contractor who was preparing the locomotive that morning, owner Ed Ellis, conductors Mike and John, another Iowa Pacific official, and Ken the engineer on the far right.
One of the railfans who paced the train on its first day of operations. This railfan used a bike which eliminated the hassles of finding a parking spot on crowded city streets!