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Former loading dock which was serviced by a spur off the PRR Vandalia Line just east of Franklin and north of Calvert.
Former NJI&I depot and administrative offices on Western Avenue west of Harris Street.
Art deco front of former Bendix headquarters, now part of Bosch. It’s future is uncertain as of 2014 as parts of this historic auto parts manufacturing facility are demolished.
Former New Jersey, Indiana, & Illinois Railroad (NJI&I) roundhouse just west of Olive Street on South Bend’s southwest side. The NJI&I was originally owned and operated by the Singer Corporation and it was later sold to the Wabash. Nowadays what is left of the NJI&I is operated by NS.
Industrial locomotive once used by South Bend Sand & Gravel on display alongside Bendix Drive and the NICTD line to the South Bend airport.
Remains of grade crossing of the South Shore where it crossed North Kenmore Street in an industrial park west of Bendix Drive and southeast of the airport. The South Shore serviced the Hedwin Corporation in this area which received plastic pellets.
The track that continues forward from Walnut Avenue is the NS line that went to Hanson Cold Storage via the former PRR Vandalia Line connection. Indiana Avenue is to the south. It is using the ROW of the former SJSB&S (NYC). The NJI&I paralleled it to the south and on the other side the shortline Indiana Northern paralleled it on the north. The spur that curves off to the left services today the Omnisource scrapyard which has its own switcher. At one time the NYC had a freight station and yard on the site occupied by the scrap yard operation.
This view looks east along the former SJSB&S track in the NS era where it crosses Prairie Avenue, just north of Indiana Avenue. This track will soon curve south to reach what is left of the former PRR Vandalia Line to where it is severed a mile away at the Hanson Cold Storage facility. NS recently applied to abandon this track east of this point due to no freight traffic over it for at least two years. To the north and parallel to this track ran the NJI&I which serviced Studebaker and later Allied Stamping that took over much of the Studebaker plant until Allied went under in 1999.
Looking west from Prairie Avenue along the former SJSB&S (NYC) track with a boxcar on the spur alongside the South Bend Tribune warehouse. This track will be abandoned soon east of this point according to a filing by NS with the STB.